How many appointments do I need?

Making a quality complete set of dentures can mean 5 or more visits to your
clinician. Everyone's face, teeth and gums are different as is the relationship
between their upper and lower jaws. Each appointment is crucial for a final
denture that looks, fits and works well.

Getting used to your denture

It will take a bit of time to get use to your new denture, particularly if it is your first.
Expect a number of adjustments to be needed. Always tell your clinician about
your concerns, being as specific about them as possible. A complete denture will
never feel like your own teeth, they will, however, become comfortable and
functional with time.

Taking care of your denture

  • Clean dentures daily with a tooth or special denture brush, soap and water.
  • If you use specially formulated pastes or solutions, always follow the manufacturers directions.
  • When cleaning your dentures, always hold them over a bowl of water in case they slip out of your hands.
  • Never use bleach or boiling water to clean your dentures.
  • Brush any remaining teeth thoroughly, as these act as anchors for the denture and are more likely themselves to become decayed.
  • Visit your dentist for regular check-ups even if you have complete dentures. Your mouth will still need a regular check-up.

Enigma - the teeth behind natural      
              looking cosmetic dentures

Enigma Cosmetic Dentures