A World of Difference Patients Programme

Schottlander have produced a patients film entitled A World of Difference. This film
is intended to give you a better understanding of the stages involved in making
cosmetic dentures including many that you would never normally see.
This film shows the work and teaching of Dr John Besford and Mrs Ruth Bourke,
internationally known experts in producing the high quality cosmetic dentures, they also advised on the development of the Award Winning Enigma Denture System.
Through other patients sharing their own experiences on screen you are led to see the vital role you can play in order for the clinician to provide you with cosmetic
dentures that function better and look more natural.
The patients progamme is approximately 16 minutes long. Please ask your clinician for a free loan copy of this film so you can take it home or watch it on the link below.

A world of difference patients programme
Enigma - the teeth behind natural      
              looking cosmetic dentures

Enigma Cosmetic Dentures