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Winning Enigma Teeth & Denture System

People often say you've got nice teeth, you've got a nice smile and that's something no one had ever said. It was great, I couldn't stop smiling.

Ann Jennings, aged 73 says: How lucky can you get. With beautiful teeth like these I'll spend the rest of my life smiling.

Visually, I don't feel people are looking at me and saying she's got false teeth ... I just wish this had happened years and years ago.

The Enigma Philosophy

It is impossible to overstate the importance of dentures to the wearer yet they remain one of the most challenging aspects of modern dentistry. Meeting this challenge has been the inspiration for the creation of the Enigma Cosmetic Teeth & Denture System. Details of these remarkable teeth and what they have done for other patients can be seen on this website. 


Schottlander Innovation Recognised

The Enigma Cosmetic Teeth & Denture System are truly innovative. So much so that they won Schottlander The Queen's Award for Enterprise in the innovation category.

To quote the Queen's Award Office "A Queen's Award is the highest honour that can be bestowed on a UK business. To have a Queen's Award is to be acknowledged as the best in your field".

All the patients shown above are genuine Enigma cosmetic denture wearers. Their dentures were made for them by Dr John Besford using the Award Winning Enigma Cosmetic Teeth & Denture System. Laboratory work by technicians: Ruth Bourke & Andrew Taylor.

A World of Difference

This film is intended to give you a better understanding of the stages involved in making Enigma cosmetic dentures.